EPO Evaluate – Plan – Organize


What is EPO?


EPO, provided by AJWAD, is an integrated set of steps that consist of evaluation, analysis and a well-organized strategic plan, both short and long term. These plans ensure a high quality administrative and operational path to guide educational institutions to expertise. EPO ensures the optimal productivity of administrators and teaching staff through provision of precisely stipulated work-flow processes that will lead to the parents’, school’s, and community’s satisfaction. In addition, EPO is a strong basis for school accreditation.

How Does AJWAD Achieve it ?

In each school, AJWAD’s qualified team evaluates and analyzes administration and education to make a tailored plan that organizes all administrative departments and builds a comprehensive system. In addition, AJWAD implements customized solutions to each school apart, along with continuous supervision.



What are the School Benefits ?

By adopting this service from AJWAD, schools will benefit from:

  • Comprehensive evaluation (administrative - educational - financial – institutional)
  • “SWOT Analysis”; strengths, weaknesses, challenges and opportunities analysis
  • All-inclusive (administrative, educational, financial and marketing) medium and long-term plans that align with the vision, mission, values and administrative hierarchy
  • School organization (job description, laws and policies, work mechanisms)
  • Accreditation of learning quality (Like American Quality Control, AQC)