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What is Curriculum Design & Development?


A curriculum is much more than a textbook. It refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school in the form of the knowledge and skills that prepare students for life. Because a well-developed curriculum reflects the philosophy and culture of its society, AJWAD assists schools in designing, developing and selecting curricula that hold the native culture and values, rather than adopting imported ones.

How Does AJWAD do it ?

To offer a customized curriculum that fits our society and caters for its specific needs, AJWAD assesses specialized subject matter curricula and develops them in relation to the school’s educational philosophy, vision and objectives. In the process, we meet the highest international standards, keep accordance with our Arab values, and align the material with the national curricula.



What are the School Benefits ?

By adopting AJWAD’s carefully designed curriculum, schools will achieve:

  • An up-to-date curriculum with competitive educational quality
  • A curriculum that embraces Arab values
  • A curriculum customized according to the school’s educational philosophy