Icon CSP  Construction of Student's Personality


What is Construction of Student's Personality?


Schools play an important role in building the student’s personality and identity. With today’s flux of global input and decline in moral values, this role becomes even more evident. AJWAD’s program Construction of Student Personality is a module based curriculum designed to armor students with refined behavior and ethical standards in alignment with our Arab heritage.

How Does AJWAD Achieve it ?

We offer training for staff in the methodology and implementation and supervise the implementation. The modules provide activities that develop students’ identity, personality and refine their attitude and social behavior.



What are the School Benefits ?

By adopting this service, students benefit from:

  • Improvement in their behavior
  • Creative development of their personalities
  • Gaining pride in their identity
  • Development of moral values

This will consequently lead to well-educated generations who are responsible towards their society and their country.