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What is Ajwad System?


This service is a comprehensive package, which embraces all AJWAD’s services. AJWAD System offers management of educational and administrative activities, while taking care of all the necessary tasks for a smooth reform of the school.

How Does AJWAD do it ?

AJWAD performs a needs analysis, designs a customized plan, and offers assistance during implementation, follow-up, supervision of the administrative and educational progress.



What are the School Benefits ?

AJWAD System ensures the progress and development of the educational and administrative departments by offering:

  • Detailed need’s analysis report (EPO)
  • Automation of administrative and educational processes (BPMN, DARS)
  • A clearly stipulated work-flow process (BPMN)
  • Training / mentoring for teachers and coordinators(Training and building capacity)
  • Trained staff members (SHR)
  • Pre-prepared lesson plans and assessment (Mentoring)
  • A customized curriculum (Design)