Icon BPMN  Ajwad System


What is Ajwad System?


This service is a comprehensive package, which embraces all AJWAD’s services. AJWAD System offers management of educational and administrative activities, while taking care of all the necessary tasks for a smooth reform of the school.

How Does AJWAD do it ?

AJWAD performs a needs analysis, designs a customized plan, and offers assistance during implementation, follow-up, supervision of the administrative and educational progress.



What are the School Benefits ?

AJWAD System ensures the progress and development of the educational and administrative departments by offering:

  • Detailed need’s analysis report (EPO)
  • Automation of administrative and educational processes (BPMN, DARS)
  • A clearly stipulated work-flow process (BPMN)
  • Training / mentoring for teachers and coordinators(Training and building capacity)
  • Trained staff members (SHR)
  • Pre-prepared lesson plans and assessment (Mentoring)
  • A customized curriculum (Design)

Icon BPMN  BPMN Business Process Model & Notation


What is BPMN?


Business Process Modeling is a method used for improving organizational efficiency and quality. It refers to a structural representation, description or diagram, which defines a specified flow of activities in a particular business or organizational unit. The aim behind it is to improve business performance by effectively connecting activities in a particular service.

How Does AJWAD do it ?

First, AJWAD’s team thoroughly defines your organization’s processes in order to model them visually. AJWAD ensures that the system of automation is designed for your school according to its needs, so it can run as smoothly and professionally as possible. In addition, AJWAD provides the necessary training of staff to use the program.


What are the School Benefits ?

BPMN changes a traditional hierarchical management approach into a cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and accessible automated management process. It enables organizations to become more effective and capable of change. With clearly stipulated and communicated processes, BPMN can impact the cost and revenue generation of an organization and especially schools where financial stability is never constant.
Applying BPMN in your school means:

  • Improving process communication
  • Increasing control over all operations and departments of the school
  • Improving operational efficiencies
  • Having accurate reports
  • Reducing costs and gaining competitive advantage

Icon BPMN  Curriculum Design & Development


What is Curriculum Design & Development?


A curriculum is much more than a textbook. It refers to the lessons and academic content taught in a school in the form of the knowledge and skills that prepare students for life. Because a well-developed curriculum reflects the philosophy and culture of its society, AJWAD assists schools in designing, developing and selecting curricula that hold the native culture and values, rather than adopting imported ones.

How Does AJWAD do it ?

To offer a customized curriculum that fits our society and caters for its specific needs, AJWAD assesses specialized subject matter curricula and develops them in relation to the school’s educational philosophy, vision and objectives. In the process, we meet the highest international standards, keep accordance with our Arab values, and align the material with the national curricula.



What are the School Benefits ?

By adopting AJWAD’s carefully designed curriculum, schools will achieve:

  • An up-to-date curriculum with competitive educational quality
  • A curriculum that embraces Arab values
  • A curriculum customized according to the school’s educational philosophy

Icon SHR  SHR School Human Resource


What is SHR School Human Resource?


One of the basic requirements of a school is finding highly qualified teachers; individuals who are experts in their subject matters and at the same time demonstrate competency in teaching, communication and class management.
Many schools suffer the lack of highly qualified professional teachers and find difficulty in recruiting, especially in the beginning of the school year when sudden changes in students’ number may occur. To meet those emerging needs, AJWAD’s School Human Resource “SHR” service offers highly qualified trained teachers.


What are the School Benefits ?

Having a well-trained and knowledgeable staff reflects on the success of the school itself. It will help move the school forward to achieve greater teaching standards and affluence.

How Does AJWAD Achieve it ?

Based on a needs analysis, AJWAD provides teachers, coordinators, managers, who are certified, experienced and well-trained.